Woman and man

zine, 40 copies, 2018
full publication on issuu

Woman and Man – Man and woman is the 3rd part from a trilogy that unfold stories from a couple of hundreds photos that found in the trash. The family photos made between the beginning of 1950 to the late 1970 and tell a lot of stories in the socialist times through the eyes of an unknown talented amateur photographer. Besides the strong historical memories and objects that reflect on this time-period the photos also represent a timeless beauty and harmony.

Woman and Man – Man and Woman is a two-sided zine, with two stories inside that meet in the middle, when the woman and the man are together in a photo. The aim of the publication was to show how the photos and photographical scenes were different for women and men still in the 50s – 70s.

The 1st part of the trilogy collects the photos of the typical family vacation at the lake Balaton in Hungary, while the 2nd part of the trilogy highlights the photos and details or part of the photos that reflect on the historical memories through family events.



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