War on period pain exhibition

The War on Period Pain project focuses on the effects of menstrual pain on the female body and addressed through aesthetic and functional practices to the final wearable garment design. The exhibition presents the full spectrum of physical and psychological pain caused by menstruation through various media. By the installations reflecting on the various sensory organs, the visitor gets closer to the pain, even if they are unable to experience it.

The exhibition presents Zsófia Kormos designer’s doctorate research, the visual materials of the future implementation plans, as well as the works of the invited artists reflecting on the topic.

The taboo and stigmatization associated with menstruation is still a global problem. The purpose of the exhibition is to visualize this with the help of visual tools and to give visitors the opportunity to interact. It is also an important message to draw attention to the social situation of menstrual poverty in Hungary. That’s why we also created this page where we collect donations for NEM! – Nők Egymásért Mozgalom (Women For Eachother Movement) a movement whose activities include helping young women in need who can’t afford sanitary towels and other healthcare products necessary to maintain a minimum level of everyday hygiene. fundraiser campaign

Participating artists: Szilvia Bolla, EJTECH, Gábor Karcis, Anna Zsófia Kormos, Rozália Szeleczki
Curator: Andrea Ausztrics
Communication Manager, Press: Dora Pelczer
27th-28th June 2019 at 2B Gallery


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