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The Berlin Jewish Museum’s Memory Void contains the Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves) installation by the Israeli artist Menashe Kaddisman. The void covered by 10,000 faces to commemorate the innocent victims of war and violence.

Shalekhet from Andrea Ausztrics on Vimeo.

16th October, 2016 I visited the Jewish Museum in Berlin. I walked through the Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves) installation of Menashe Kaddishman. The noise of the iron faces hurt my ears a lot and I was thinking if I would change the noise under the “walking trough” experiment how it would change my experience of walking on these metaphorical victims. I decided to record the experiment and edit another noise/music under it. I used the song Les Choristes – ‘Vois Sur Ton Chemin’ (Look to your path). I used the first three verse:

Vois sur ton chemin / Gamins oubliés égarés / Donne-leur la main / Pour les mener / Vers d’autres lendemains

Sens au coeur de la nuit / L’onde d’espoir / Ardeur de la vie / Sentier de gloire

Bonheurs enfantins / Trop vite oubliés effacés / Une lumière dorée brille sans fin / Tout au bout du chemin

Sens au coeur de la nuit…


Look out on your path / Children who are lost and who have been forgotten / Lend them a hand / And lead them / Towards another future

Feel in the middle of the night / A surge of hope / The indefatigability of life / The Road to glory

Childish happiness / Erased and forgotten too fast /A golden light shines forever / And the end of the road

Feel in the middle of the night…


Shalekhet Vois Sur Ton Chemin from Andrea Ausztrics on Vimeo.

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