This Side Down

This Side Down was an exhibition created by Flóra Pálhegyi, Balázs Varju Tóth, Attila Soms and Andrea Ausztrics. The concept of the exhibition was to create a piece that reflects on depression, an emotional state that a lot of people are facing with but it is still surrounded by a lot of taboo. We wanted to open up this discussion and first created the DEPIzine about depression, loneliness or feeling down and as a next step we made this huge stone which symbolise the Hungarian idiom ‘A big stone dropped from my heart’ (‘Nagy kő esett le a szívemről’). The stone in this case is the symbol of a relief.

The exhibition took place at Supermarket Gallery Magic Window Project where DEPIzine is still purchasable with postcards.

Photos of the exhibtion

stone and Parlament video


DSC03679 DSC03694 DSC03719

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