The Spirit of the Place exhibition

Exhibition with Balazs Varju Toth and Attila Somos at Supermarket Gallery, Budapest
Date: 7 August – 5 September

The exhibition is based on the complex expression “lieu de memoire” (site of memory) was introduced by the French historian Pierre Nora to address the difference between memory and history. He was inspired by the Latin term “loci memoriae”, a method of memory enhancement that uses familiar places to recall information. In the words of Nora: ”a lieu de memoire’ is any significant entity, whether material or non-material in nature, which by dint of human will or the work of time has become a symbolic element of the memorial heritage of any community.” He states that this is where memory becomes graspable and herein, the continuity of history can be perceived. By its nature, this method is linked to emotions, therefore it selective.

My installation in the exhibition deals with various social activities during socialist times around Lake Balaton through the rearrangement of a series of photographs from the 1960’s. Because I wanted to bring the different layers of history about the same place I exhibited a typical wall paper, table and chare from the 60s, and a video work about my own childhood with my parent’s stories as a voiceover.

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