The discarded family

Exhibition: Budapest Cafe, Mexico City
Date: 20 August – 27 September 2018

The exhibition presents a family photo collection that was found in a trash can of the artist’s apartment building in Budapest. The 11 photos and 3 zines tell us what was happening in Hungary between 1950 and 1975. The story of the family is a mystery; the artist has intentionally not searched on their identity. The discarded photos do not belong to the family anymore, so finding the collection offered a new opportunity to create an alternative story by the publications.
According to the artist’s concept, at the end of the exhibition the photos remain at Budapest Cukrászda Cafe to pass the photos onto a new owner.

The three zines:
At the lake – discovers the vacation activities at lake Balaton

Family events – presents important family events such as a wedding, first day at school, moving or traveling in the country and abroad

Woman and Man – a zine that can be started on both sides, presents the story of the family from the perspective of the woman and the man separately







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