I miss the mountains

I miss the mountains from Andrea Ausztrics on Vimeo.

This video tells the story of a woman who, after a scholarship in New York, decided not to return to her life as a successful graphic designer in Switzerland, but to enroll on a Phd program and continue her research at the Goldsmiths University in London. Her home is a blue boat which she has to navigate into a different part of town each fortnight as required by the regulations of the city.
The video material for this exhibition was recorded on the day of her first move with the widebeam canal boat, and the audio is a conversation on being home and constantly on the move. The artist adds her visual reflections – montage-like images of instant homes and wanderings – to complement documenting the boat on the move.

6:21 min., in English

The video work was part of the Home exhibition.

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