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This group exhibition – photo, video and sound installations by young Hungarian and foreign artists – explores the theme of home. A physical segment of space that we appropriate for ourselves and an idea that is hard to define in an objective manner: this is home. The exhibiting artists reflect upon this by emphasizing a certain meaning and the appearance of the word in different languages. Themes reappearing in the works, both in the literal and abstract sense of the word, are the desire to build a home, lack of a home and leaving home for another place. Homeland, address of residence, family, property and the void we are looking to fill are all possible synonyms of the word.
The Arm Museum of Hungarian Air Defense is the sole air defense base still in its original state from the era before the change of regime. The exhibition is staged in one of the buildings of this complex, which creates a unique atmosphere for the works of art. The images set on these concrete walls together with the videos and the sound installations are even more meaningful in these surroundings.

HOME exhibition installation from Andrea Ausztrics on Vimeo.
Images by three artists, Zsuzsi Flohr, Éva Szombat and Chantal Meng, are put on display in the first room.
We chose five photos from the series by Zsuzsi Flohr from the 2005 – 2013 period. These works of the artist, residing in Vienna, deal with searching for a home, objects and memories relating to home during her travels.
The images by Éva Szombat provide a glimpse into the everyday live of a family that is about to grow. The role of Jewish religious objects is looked at in mundane situations reflecting on the meaning of the word ‘bájit’ (home in Hebrew).
Chantal Meng, an artist from Switzerland currently living in London, reveals the locally specific meaning of ‘heimat’ (home in German) through her personal documentary photographs defining the meaning of home linked to sensory experiences.
The last piece of work in the first room is a sound installation by Esteban De La Torre and Mihály Fazekas. De La Torre, an artist from Mexico living in Budapest, and his Hungarian co-creator invoke those moments that conjure up fond memories of the places where our soul finds peace.
In the second room two video pieces are shown. Andrea Ausztrics documents the first moving of a widebeam canal boat in London while the installation created by Balázs Varju Tóth evokes a living room lifted from reality, at the center of which a television is placed with the broadcast illustrating the lack of homeliness.
Ausztrics Andrea I Fazekas Mihály I Flohr Zsuzsi I Chantal Meng I Szombat Éva I Esteban De La Torre Varju Tóth Balázs
Curator: Ausztrics Andrea
Sponsored by the Paideia The European Jewish Institute in Sweden and Supermarket Gallery

Photos of the exhibition


The exhibiton was part of an Art Festival in Zsámbék, Hungary with a Köztársaság (Republic) theatre play and film screenings that reflected on the topic of home and homelessness.

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