Home exhibition Hanukkah Edition

Come and check out our exhibition with a special Hanukkah event at the 2B Gallery on Ráday Street.

Lets celebrate Hanukkah together with the Home exhibition! Please arrive promptly at 6pm because we need to light the candles. Rabbi Ariel Pollak from Berlin will give a speech after the candle lightening about home and Hanukkah. Don’t miss out!

About the exhibition:
This group exhibition – photo, video and sound installations by young Hungarian and foreign artists – explores the theme of home. A physical segment of space that we appropriate for ourselves and an idea that is hard to define in an objective manner: this is home. The exhibiting artists reflect upon this by emphasizing a certain meaning and the appearance of the word in different languages. Themes reappearing in the works, both in the literal and abstract sense of the word, are the desire to build a home, lack of a home and leaving home for another place. Homeland, address of residence, family, property and the void we are looking to fill are all possible synonyms of the word.

Exhibiting Artists: Éva Szombat, Zsuzsi Flohr, Chantal Meng, Mihály Fazekas, Esteban De La Torre, Balázs Varju Tóth, Andrea Ausztrics
Curator: Andrea Ausztrics
The exhibition open between 12 – 31 of December.

The exhibition and the event funded by The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, the Supermarket Gallery and the Paideia Institute.

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