7 VIRTUES exhibition

The 7 virtues group exhibition connects the associations about the opposites of the seven sins by seven artists. 7 virtues is an experiment that explores how open we are both on personal and immediate community levels to what is morally good; how things that require acceptance instead of rejection are able to reach our attention threshold in our current social context permeated by the media.

The topic can be traced back to the Old Testament when people lived in a Monotheistic tribal alliance and the legal term of this alliance was social solidarity. The Ten Commandments can be found in the Torah, the Five Books of Moses as well in the Bible, which is intended to record in writing the social norms. Violation of these commandments is called sin. The seven deadly sins are the sins that lead us to the violation of the Ten Commandments.

The seven deadly sins are: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.

The fundamental element of the Christian-Jewish culture is the assumption of the fall of the first couple and the assumption of sin resulting from the existence of man, since the notion of sin is primarily not a matter of faith but a moral case.

The 7 virtues are the opposite of the seven deadly sins that seven artists reflect on with seven ideas in this exhibition. The invited artists could choose one of the seven deadly sins and they gave a personal meaning to the contradiction of the chosen one. These personalised oppositions were the principle of the works by the seven artists.

Participating artists: Viola Fátyol, Gábor Garai, Kata Geibl, Luka Kostil, András Ladocsi, Hanna Rédling, Éva Szombat

Curator: Andrea Ausztrics

7virtues exhibition press and photos

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