The Silent Hero

The Silent Hero (2015) is a 22 min. documentary film about a nun who helped Jewish kids to survive in the Holocaust. The Silent Hero film created under a Grundtvig Project called Silent Heroes The Living Memory ( with the participation of Castrum Peregrini and Joods Historisch Museum Amsterdam, Jüdisches Museum Hohenems, Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, Silent Heroes Memorial Center and the German Resistance Memorial Center Foundation in Berlin, and a collaboration of BUPAP and Marom from Budapest.
Silent Heroes – Helpers and rescuers during WWII and their representation today was a 2 years collaboration of the mentioned institutes and I had the opportunity to create this documentary as a site specific film for a walking tour organised by BUPAP. What does it mean site specific? The uniqueness of this film is that we only screen it at that specific location where the Kuntich Etelka, the nun used to pray in the building which was a monastery at that time and the participants of tour walk through the stairs and the corridor where the decision being made who is a survival and who is not.  

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The professional screening for the Grundtvig participants was at May, 2015. The first public event was at October, 2016 with around 60 people and the plan is to continue to have this walk every 1-2 month in the future.

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The walk starts in the daylight and brings the participants to the darkness. The concept to use the light is a metaphor that reflects on the history of Svábhegy (Swabian mountains – XII. district of Budapest) that starts with a happy resettlement and ends with the Holocaust and the closure of the monastery. The following video shows the visual concept of the walking from daylight to the complete darkness.