The Dead Poet – Seven Tales about Miklós Radnóti

A film by Márton Vécsei, Nóra Lakos, Daphne Samaras, Júlia Széphelyi, Andrea Ausztrics, Miklós Mendrei, Márton Szirmai and Pater Sparrow.

Tagline: A Hungarian poet who died in the Holocaust has been personified through his life and poetry by eight Hungarian directors’ own contemporary vision of everyday life and struggles.

Synopsis: The Dead Poet – 7 Tales of Miklós Radnóti is a sketch-film that focuses on the famous Hungarian poet’s life through eight Hungarian director’s eyes. Each story combines an original work of the poet and the young talent’s own special genre that gives a unique journey for the viewers. Seven different type of storytelling and period of lifetime recall the importance and greatness of Radnoti’s constantly struggling plight.

Role: creative producer and segment director of FAM

Year: 2015


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Júlia Széphelyi, the director of Holy Night segment talks about her ideas and personal connection of the topic (in Hungarian).

The making of the Patience that Blossoms into Death with director Pater Sparrow.