Senior Crush / dir. Orsolya Richolm (on development – 70 min.) – feature animation – producer

Red, an extravagant, Eastern-European millennial high school girl develops a crush on the school’s awkward IT guy, which prompts her to reevaluate her opinion about fame and personal relationships.

CEE Animation

The Lefkovicses are Mourning / dir. Ádám Breier (2023, 90 min.) – feature – producer

The generous but stubborn elderly boxing coach gets along well with everyone but his own son. They have not spoken since the boy moved to Israel and became religious. Reunited during a one-week mourning ceremony they must face old grievances.

Born in Auschwitz / dir. Eszter Cseke, András S. Takács (2020, 80 min.) – documentary – creative producer of animations

The untold story of a Jewish baby who was born in the death camp before the liberation and survived. An extraordinary journey of the second and third generation, breaking the cycle of trauma to free themselves from Auschwitz – forever.

Helfer / dir. Anna Szöllösi (2020, 10 min.) – animated short – production manager

Helfer is a rotoscope animated short film about a young woman seeking a helper whilst struggling with anxiety. The film details their relationship through symbolic events in a surreal world.

Thorns and Fishbones / dir. Natália Azevedo Andrade (2020, 9 min.) – mixed media animated short – production manager

Three young children, bored and neglected, live off the adventures they create in their own heads, until a day comes when they try to reach the outside.

Needs / dir. Julia Lerch (2020, 10 min.) – animated short – production manager

The NEEDS demonstrates what controlled by our physiological needs, our most important internal motivation remains to satisfy that.

King of Fashion / dir. Noémi Varga (2019 – in development, 70 min.) – hybrid documentary – line producer/writer

KING OF FASHION is the never-before-told story of the ‘Eastern European Jean Paul Gautier’ spanning three decades from his rapid rise to fame in the 80s, on both sides of the iron curtain, to his tragic death in 2013 when he was killed in his own flat leaving behind a truly unique legacy.

Where did I go wrong / dir. Márton Szirmai (2022, 80 min.) – animated documentary – line producer for the pre-production

László Kozma’s 800-page diary tells the difficult life of the electrical engineer of Jewish descent, including surviving of the Holocaust and his 5-year imprisonment during the communist overthrow.

Kvagga / dir. Eszter Kovács – Balázs Simon (2019, 12 min.) – animated short – creative producer

One day people decided to divide light from which some would have less than the others. In the midst of a prolonged strife two people from opposite sides choose to get to know each other.

Hospitality / dir. László Csáki (2017, 7 min.) – short fiction – producer

An unexpected gastronomic visit to Lake Balaton on the hottest day of the year, based on a short story by Béla Fehér.

Kishon His Name Precedes Him/ dir. Eliav Lilti (2017, 3 x 50 min.) – documentary – creative producer of animations

‘I was brought up and destroyed in a hell called Nazism. I was educated and raised by the Holocaust.'(Ephraim Kishon)

The Dead Poet – Seven tales of Miklós Radnóti (2015, 45 min.) – segment director / producer

The Dead Poet is a sketch-film focuses on the highly acclaimed Hungarian poets’s life through eight Hungarian director’s eyes.
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5 Radnóti / dir. Gábor Takács (2015, 21 min.) –documentary – producer

The documentary-style report film is looking for the famous Hungarian poet Miklós Radnóti in the present. Featuring five stories, the school, the theatre, the cultural center, an award and a personal story of his poetry.

Beyond / dir. Milán Kopasz (2015, 10 min.) – animated short  – line producer

A short animation about the black hole which is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. Also in Earth there are places and situations with strange attraction. Some back off, some step closer to observation.

No Place on Earth / dir. Janet Tobias (2012) – documentary film – production manager

A cave exploration in Ukraine leads to the unearthing of a story of World War II survivors who once found shelter in the same cave.

Kulo City / dir. Danila Kostil (2010, 42 min.) – experimental film – producer

A raw, honest and humorous tale about Jani Kula’s search for his path in life and in busy Kulo City. The film is based on the popular comic book designed by Attila Stark.



I Miss the Mountains (2017, 7 min.) – short video about finding home on a boat in London. – director/editor
Screened at Home exhibition – December, 13-20 2B Gallery Budapest, Hungary, August 18-19, Zsámbék, Hungary
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The Silent Hero (2015, 22 min.) – documentary film – director/producer
A site specific documentary film about a nun who helped Jewish kids to survive in the Holocaust.
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Fam (2015, 6 min.) – animated short – segment of The Dead Poet – Seven tales of Miklós Radnóti – co-director with Miklós Mendrei /producer

Who We Are, Hungarian Jews After The Holocaust, The Third Generation (2014, 44 min.) – documentary film – producer/co-director with Adam Schönberger /editor
A documentary with six Hungarian talking about their Jewish heritage and identity.
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