14 June, 2019 The world of zines, funzines and artbooks. Paideia Alumni Conference, Vienna, Austria

1 February, 2019 Jewish Activism in 21st century in the Arts-Cultural perspective, Paideia Academic Conference: 1989-2019: Jews in Post-Communist Countries. Stockholm, Sweden

28 October, 2018 The Dead Poet film screening and discussion. Limmud Festival, Budapest

26 August, 2018 Who we are Hungarian Jews After the Holocaust the Third Generation film screening and lecture about Hungarian Jewry. Auditorio de Ramat Shalom, Mexico City, Mexico

19 August, 2018 The Silent Hero film screening and discussion
about Hungarian Holocaust and rescuer policy. Moise House Mexico City, Mexico

15 June, 2018 Aliyah – the treaser of a new documentary film and discussion about the aliyah process for non halachic Jewish women. Paideia Alumni Conference, Barcelona, Spain

21 March, 2018 The Dead Poet film screening and discussion on World Poetry Day. Central European Univerity, Budapest, Hungary

29 June, 2017 Education Goals in Museums and Memorial Places, Exhibition Planning and Programming. Polin, Museum of the History of Polin Jews, Warsaw, Poland

10 June, 2017 Innovative Jewish Museums in Europe and USA. Paideia Alumni Conference, Berlin, Germany

27 Nov., 2016 The Dead Poet – Seven tales of Miklós Radnóti screening and discussion. Limmud Vienna, Austria

24 June, 2016 585000 m2, a mixed media exhibition about the Jewish Quarter in Budapest. Polin, Museum of the History of Polin Jews, Warsaw, Poland

10 April, 2016 Jewish Identity and the Renaissance of the Jewish Community of Budapest, Panel II, Discussion with the Artists and Curators. White Box, New York, USA

31 May, 2015 The Silent Hero documentary screening and discussion about people who helped Jews under the Shoah. Limmud Festival Vienna, Austria

3 May, 2015 The Silent hero – a documentary film about a nun, who saved Jews’ lives during the Shoah. Paideia Alumni Conference Prague, Czech Republic

22 May, 2014 Facing Anti-Semitism Nowadays. Jüdische Österreichische Hochschülerinnen, Vienna, Austria

18 May, 2014 Who we are – a documentary about the 3rd Generation Jews in Budapest screening and discussion. Paideia Alumni Conference Venice, Italy

4 Dec., 2013 The dinamics of the contemporary Jewish communities in Europe. Vírus Est, Negyed6Negyed7 Fesztival, Budapest, Hungary

23 March, 2012 History of the Hungarian Jewish Museum. Atelier European Historiography and Social Sciences PhD, Budapest, Hungary

19 May, 2011 History of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Hungarian Scientific Academy, Political Science Institute, Contemporary and Historical Jewry Research Center, Budapest, Hungary

14 May, 2011 Jewish communities in Europe. Szimbiózis Cultural Anthropology Festival, Budapest, Hungary

12 August, 2010 The Online Museum for Contemporary Jewish Visual Artists. Paideia Incubator Stockholm, Sweden

5 July, 2010 Online appearance of the Jewish Contemporary Art. ROI Summit Tel-Aviv, Israel

27 July, 2008 ‘Train de Vie’ (by Radu Michaileanu) and the Humor in the Holocaust films. Bánkitó Festival, Bánk, Hungary

20 January, 2008 Questions of methodology in the research of the Jewish communities in Hungary and abroad Continuity, split and renaissance? The entity of the Jewry in the contemporary historical interpretation. MTI Contemporary and Historical Jewry Research Center, Budapest, Hungary